Delivery lead

As a Principal/Delivery Lead, I lead agile transformation efforts for our clients, helping upper management instill change in their organizations, working with middle management to evolve their ways of working to an agile approach, including:

  • Running workshops (discovery, agile maturity modelling, value stream mapping, modern product management methodologies, lean-UX)
  • Diverting effort to a value-based system, away from “story points” to value-based metrics
  • Leading agile transformation in product management, including establishment of CI/CD pipelines, XP practices, pairing, cross-functional teams, infrastructure as code, early testing
  • Leading product planning teams by creating backlogs, feature and story development
  • Coaching and running agile delivery mechanics such as TDD/BDD, Story-writing, sizing, stand-ups and retrospectives
  • Lead product team by removing barriers, instilling a sense of urgency, allowing team creativity yet with a vigilant pragmatic approach
  • Interviewing and hiring team members, acting as a coach and mentor
  • Helping as a tech lead when discussing architecture and interfaces between systems

The main projects and product domains that I have worked on in the US and Europe (about 30 overall) are listed in the “projects” section of my LinkedIn profile.

IDT Telecom - Newark, NJ.

VP Software Engineering and Development till 2012

  • Led the software development department that develops wholesale and retail carrier applications and products (internal and external).
  • Managed a $7M budget and a 50 person software development department in addition to outsourcing management.
  • Implemented an Agile software development methodology, emphasizing close contact with our customers, user story creation, TDD/BDD, automated continuous testing and short deliverable cycles.
  • Performed stand-up meetings as part of an effort for constant communications between team members and the development managers, escalating issues on a daily basis for quick resolution.
  • Employed a variety of tools that promote communications and knowledge sharing
  • Participated in development when possible, helping the team meet deadlines or advance projects in general.
  • Examples of software produced include Ruby On Rails Web front ends and REST servers, WCF-based asynchronous services, message queuing and task allocation using AMQ and database abstraction using views.
  • Conceived, designed and developed a generic alerting mechanism named ‘Neurons’ that stack and communicate via messaging, creating a virtual `Brain’ that oversees monitoring of events and the actions and their subsequent reaction.
  • This is a stacked implementation of the Chain of Command pattern and is deployed in production with dozens of active Neurons applied to customer service and loss management processes.

Picup - Newark, NJ.

CTO Till 2011

Internal start-up within IDT named ‘PICUP’, where I co-authored a patent for Network identity management system and method.

Net2Phone - Newark, NJ.

Chief Architect, VP Software Development till 2011

  • Developed a B2B interface for Net2Phone’s business partners to provision and manage their VoIP-enabled customers and devices as part of their reseller business. This was done by exposing an abstracted layer of N2P’s business objects via objects and methods in SOAP, while hiding the implementation and internal procedures from the external clients. During that time I also led a team that implemented an Instant Messaging engine to allow multiple, simultaneous, discontinuous & anonymous textual conversations
  • Technical Project manager for VoiceLine, a VoIP based product integrating hardware and software to offer a voice product to replace traditional telephony This was one of my biggest projects as a technical project manager, leading ninety Net2Phone employees with various roles, transforming Net2Phone from a technology company to a Telephony company that now owns and sells TNs and their associated services, using a VoIP device connected to the customer’s home router – Trondheim, Norway.

Director of technical project management till 2008

Directed project management, lead and developed multiple projects related to infrastructure and front end features of the website. Infrastructure work included defining a phone description DSL to be used in the image cropper. Public facing work included developing a Flash-based video chat system.

Net2Phone - Newark, NJ.

Lead developer and team lead till 2007

  • Embedded Linux programming for VoIP devices
  • B2B (Business to business) APIs connecting Net2Phone and Level 3 for telecom projects.

Aplio – Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain.

Lead developer, embedded systems till 2003

Embedded Linux programming for VoIP devices. Later acquired by Net2Phone.

Alyn Hospital – Jerusalem, Israel.

IT Manager till 2000

  • Founded the MIS department and was the lead developer for the hospital.
  • Developed both back-end and employee-facing systems for the running of the hospital, including clinical and administrative programs.
  • Developed a bio-feedback system to aid children breathing by gamification

InContext - Paris, France; Jerusalem, Israel.

Co-founder, Software Developer; from 1997

Various software development projects in Israel, France, Italy, Spain, and US.

Fun facts

  • Israeli, French and US citizenships
  • Hebrew, French, English and some Spanish
  • Occasional speaker at conferences and meetups
  • Occasional volunteer at Black Girls Code and Women Who Code
  • I love to cook, eat, and wash the dishes

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