What I am looking for: To work on something meaningful for, and helpful to, people.

How I prefer to work:

I am enthusiastic and empathetic and love to work in close collaboration with my teammates. Ego-less, healthy, fact-based debates make my day.

What I encourage

  • agile (small ‘a’)
  • Managing product development by reducing value at risk
  • Organizing product delivery teams focused on improving delivery by reducing batch size
  • Leading teams through coaching while practicing XP
  • Solving problems (human, technical, managerial, political)
  • Studying the VSM, assessing and then optimizing
  • Working in a start-up environment and culture
  • “Fuck it, ship it”
  • Innovating through trial and error, learning from feedback
  • Making big decisions at the last responsible moment
  • Writing and contributing to open-source projects

What I dissuade from doing

  • Following a process without being able to influence it
  • Big up-front design
  • Succumbing to the status-quo
  • Star communications topology
  • Using tickets to interact with people
  • Death by PowerPoint

What I fight against

  • A culture where there is no feedback, or where it is ignored
  • Governance by fiat or dogma
  • Collusion in Waterfall conspiracies